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I just wrote a little Tutorial, and I hope you get my point. I’m sorry if you don’t, but you know English is my second language. So let´s start.

This tutorial is about this Blend.

[Bild: Step8.png]

You need the following resources

Textur1 von ErenaeErae
PNG1 von xxtheavengerxxx
Coloring von marioantonio23

The graphics are actually done quickly. Therefore I start directly with a new file (File -> New) in the size 800x600px with the background color #000000. Then I put Texture1 on top of my graphic and move it to the center of the graphic.

I put a new hue layer (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue / Saturation) on my graphic with the setting

Hue -72
Saturation 0
Brightness 0

The texture is no longer red but should now look like this.

[Bild: Step1.png]

I already take Texture2 and set the layer property to screen. Then I move the texture to the center of my graphic.

[Bild: tep2.png]

To make the whole thing a little clearer, I’ll duplicate the texture once.

[Bild: Step3.png]

Now my person is coming

[Bild: Step4-1.png]

Next comes the PNG1 for my graphic.

[Bild: Step5.png]

With the ellipse tool I created three small circles in the colors #7ed5f2#eae586 and black and white. Each with the same picture in it. I bring the picture onto the circles with the help of a clipping mask and make the pictures black and white and set the layer setting to multiply.

Each circle is given a contour of 1px in the color #000000

This is what it should look like in the end.

[Bild: Step6.png]

Now I create the text for my graphics. You can be creative and let off steam.

[Bild: Step7.png]

Now comes the coloring and in fact that’s it. A quick and jagged tutorial for simple graphics.

[Bild: Step8.png]

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