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I just wrote a little Tutorial, and I hope you get my point. I’m sorry if you don’t, but you know English is my second language.

So let´s start.

This tutorial is about this Signature.

[Bild: Step-13-1.png]

You need the following resources

Textur1 von ErenaeErae
Textur2 von ErenaeErae
Textur3 von ErenaeErae
Coloring von Evey-V

I start the graphic with a new file (File -> New) with a size of 500x200px. As a background I use a gradient layer with the colors #dbddd7 over #cf436b to #1f1828

[Bild: Bildschirmfoto-2021-11-12-um-22.46.54.png]
[Bild: Bildschirmfoto-2021-11-12-um-22.47.01.png]

Your graphic should now look like this.

[Bild: Step-0.png]

I create a rectangle with the color #000000 with the rectangle tool and put it on the right side of my graphic.

[Bild: Step-1-2.png]

Then my first person comes up with the graphics. I’ll leave the image in black and white and set the layer property to Multiply.

[Bild: Step-2-2.png]

Now I take Texture1. Put them on my graphic and set the layer property to screen. So that the texture can only be seen on the right side, I give it a layer mask and cut the texture to match.

[Bild: Step-2_2.png]

Since I don’t like to keep it so white, I put a color area (Layer -> New Fill Layer > Solid Color) with the color #029b92 and set the layer property of the color area to Multiply.

Then I apply a clipping mask to texture1 so that the color can only be seen on the pattern.

[Bild: Step-3-2.png]

Now I duplicate Texture1 once and mirror this layer (Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontal). Then I move the texture under my person.

[Bild: Step4.png]

I know I have this gap in the middle between the patterns. But that doesn’t bother me and in the end you only see it if you know. So I leave it that way.

So I now take Texture2 with the layer property screen[/ b] and put it in the middle of my graphic.

[Bild: Step-5-2.png]

With the ellipse tool I create a circle in the color [b]#000000 and give the circle a layer mask and remove part of it. It doesn’t have to be exactly in the middle. I move the circle to the edge of my black rectangle.

[Bild: Step-6-2.png]

My second person comes onto this circle with the help of a clipping mask.

[Bild: Step-7-2.png]

In fact, the turquoise stuff in the second photo was already on the picture and that’s why I chose the turquoise for the pattern.

I now use the ellipse tool to create two circles with a contour of 1px in the color #ffffff and cut them off in half. I put them a little offset around my black circle.

If it goes well, it will end up looking like this. That doesn’t make the circle so flat and boring in the middle.

[Bild: Step-8-2.png]

The last texture is now Texture3. Also multiply with the layer property screen. I slide the texture so that I have one of the „strokes“ on the right side of the circle.

[Bild: Step-9-2.png]

The text for my graphic is already coming.

[Bild: Step-10-2.png]

Because the text in „only“ white is too boring for me. I put a invert layer (Layer -> New Adjustment Layer > Invert) over it and apply a clipping mask so that the layer is only applied to the text.

Then I give the layer a layer mask and remove the layer where I find it good.

[Bild: Bildschirmfoto-2021-11-12-um-23.21.18.png]

This gives the font such a black and white effect without me having to work hard.

[Bild: Step-11-2.png]

Now comes the color. For this I put the coloring on my graphic.
Then I duplicate the coloring once and set the opacity of the duplicate to 30%.

With that the whole thing is already done.

[Bild: Step-13-1.png]

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