Englisch – I saw fire in your eyes

I just wrote a little Tutorial, and I hope you get my point. I’m sorry if you don’t, but you know English is my second language. 

 So let´s start.  This tutorial is about this Chapter.

[Bild: Step-11.png]

You need the following resources

Textur1 from trashsyndrome
Textur2 from ErenaeErae
Textur3 from bdenstrophywife
Textur4 from ErenaeErae
Textur5 from Carllton
Coloring from Legilia

I start with a new file (File -> New) in the size 380×300 px. I choose the color # 000000 as the background. Then I put texture1 on the graphic and set the layer property to screen

Since I don’t like the flower that orange, I change the color. To do this, I use the menu Image -> Adjustments -> Hue / Saturation and set the Hue to -26 .

Then I put a picture of my wife under the texture.

[Bild: 1.png]

Since I don’t want the face under the petals, I give the picture a layer mask and remove the woman’s face from under the leaves.

[Bild: Step-1.png]

Then I put texture2 on my graphic and set the layer property to screen and move the texture to the right edge of the graphic.

[Bild: Step-2.png]

Texture3 follows as the next texture by screen with the layer setting. I move the texture to the left side of the graphic so that the side becomes slightly „smoky“.

[Bild: Step-3.png]

I also create the next texture, Texture4, screen with the layer setting and place it on my graphic.

[Bild: Step-5.png]

With the Font1 I created the first word of my text in the color #ba5d64. I give the text an outline and a gradient and drop shadow. You just have to try around a little.

[Bild: Step-6.png]

Then my next person follows.

[Bild: Step-7.png]

With Font2 I designed the rest of the text.

[Bild: Step-8.png]

For a bit more light and shadow, I’ll finish with texture5 and set it to soft light with the layer property.

[Bild: Step-9.png]

For the conclusion, only the color is needed. To do this, I put the coloring on my graphic. In addition, I pack a vibrance layer above (layer -> New Adjustment Layer > Vibrance) with the settings

vibrance +70
saturation 0

However, since the little woman will then become very red, I’ll give the dynamic layer a layer mask and remove the layer above the woman.

[Bild: Bildschirmfoto-2021-11-07-um-20.33.20.png]

The graphic is then already finished.

[Bild: Step-11.png]

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