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I just wrote a little Tutorial, and I hope you get my point. I’m sorry if you don’t, but you know English is my second language. https://cdn.nickpic.host/images/IQqJsp.gif So let´s start. https://cdn.nickpic.host/images/IQqd7c.gif

This tutorial is about this blend.

[Bild: VNzuLoB.png]

You can find the resources in this folder.

Zitat:The resources are named and also contain the source link, e.g. TEXTURE 3 _ www.starved-soul.deviantart.com.nhmpazni red = name of the resource around it in the tutorial to find again green = source link

I start with a new file (File -> New) in size 800x600px and put texture1 on it. Then I’ll take texture2 over it and set the blendmode to Screen.

[Bild: n6YWRAZ.png]

Then I take texture3 and set it to multiply

[Bild: FeLWxmQ.png]

Textur4 I put to screen and invert it (Image -> Adjustments -> Invert). Then I place the texture in the upper left corner. I give the texture a layer mask and take away protruding corners and parts, so I only have the lines.

[Bild: EGPZi9h.png]

Then I duplicate the texture once, mirror it (Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontal). The texture I place a little in the middle.

[Bild: 2SyvbOK.png]

Textur5 I put to screen. I give the texture a layer mask and take away the sentence below in the texture.

[Bild: L0IbUCB.png]

Now I take texture6 and set the blendmode to screen. I push the texture into the upper left corner of the graph.

[Bild: 6Wo1VXW.png]

Also, texture7 I set the blendmode to screen. I also move the texture to the upper left corner of the graph and put it over Textur6.

[Bild: 9QjV2K6.png]

Then I position my first person and release her. The lower edge I blend in with a soft brush a little bit.

[Bild: FJA8Dl3.png]

In fact, I already come to my last texture. I put texture8 on my graph and set the blendmode to screen. I also push the texture over the circle in the upper left corner.

[Bild: FVC6Nhm.png]

I duplicate the texture once.

[Bild: kr3WIeo.png]

It follows my next person.

[Bild: Fa2lVer.png]

With the ellipse tool I create a small circle with the color #5696a8 and a Stroke in the color #f7f3ee and a size of 1px

[Bild: 4U2cnlt.png]


[Bild: NSn6HeW.png]

I take a picture of my next person and put it on my graphic over the small circle, then I give the picture a clipping mask (with right click on the level of the picture and create clipping mask). Thus one sees the picture only on the small circle.

[Bild: z613gsR.png]


[Bild: G837c6b.png]

Now I made the text. The word „Wish“ has the Font Abbey Dawn in color #d5b37e the font gets some effects like gradient and edges and drop shadows etc.
The word „here“ has the font Asfrogas in the color #538d9d. Again, there is a gradient, drop shadow, etc. For the small text I use the Font Alegreya SC with the color #8b6580.

[Bild: tHeLKok.png]

Now it gets a little tricky but not very. I made four circles again with the ellipse tool. 2 of them have the color #52717a and two of them have the color #5696a8. I position them in a row with each other. two of the circles get back a circle in it, about 5% smaller than the first and I leave out the fill color and give the circle only a contour with the color #ffffff. So it looks like there is a small white circle in the circle.

All circles get the blendmode multiply.

[Bild: kTjcWSL.png]

Now I go back to my second person and the word „Wish“ and take both away from the circles. So you do not see them there anymore.

[Bild: mQXhgj0.png]

It follows my next person

[Bild: 8Kf5sOX.png]

I once again made a small circle with a contour in the color #f7f3ee. Just as with the first circle, I put a photo over it and give the picture a clipping mask. So that in the end the picture can only be seen on the circle.

[Bild: s256ieU.png]

For my subtext, I again use the font Alegreya SC two times in the color #ffffff and once with the color #cfa76b. The subtext gets from me an opacity of 67%.

[Bild: 9pF20Bw.png]

Then I put my coloring on the graphic.

[Bild: 6YVUcXW.png]

Since I still lack a bit of pep in the graphics I use my beloved Vibrance layer (layer -> New Adjustment layer -> Vibrance) with the setting

Vibrance: +69
Saturation: 0

I duplicate that layer so that I end up having two dynamics layers above my color.

[Bild: VNzuLoB.png]

And so the graphics are already finished. As always I hope you had fun doing it.

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